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Create a dream landscape in the San Antonio area today by installing an artificial turf or artificial grass lawn from Faux Lawns of Texas.

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Plenty Of Grass And Turf Choices

The best lawn in San Antonio is at your fingertips; just call and schedule an initial consultation today. Faux Lawns of Texas features some of the finest artificial lawn products on the market today and our representatives will work with you to discover the synthetic lawn that’s right for you and your family.
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Easy Installation

Installing a new lawn used to involve finding just the right grass and installing new sod or other real grass of your choosing in San Antonio, TX. But those days are long gone.

Put The Lawnmower Away

Artificial grass and synthetic grass products available in the 21st century make it much easier to turn your lawn into the landscape of your dreams.
No more mowing, no more pulling weeds on Saturday afternoons, no more watering and no more constant fertilizing and landscaping.

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If installation of a lush artificial grass lawn or synthetic turf is something that’s always interested you, call today for your free quote and let our team of project specialists get to work on creating the artificial grass or turf paradise in your residential backyard or business location in San Antonio, Texas.

Long Lasting Beautiful Lawns

Our synthetic grass and artificial grass lawns look as beautiful years down the road as they do on the day of installation in San Antonio, TX. They largely take care of themselves and involve very little maintenance from day one.
Why not turn your yard into the residential landscape you’ve always dreamed of by installing an artificial grass or artificial turf lawn in San Antonio today?
The expert installers at Faux Lawns of Texas are standing by and ready to do just that for you. Just let us know when you’re ready.
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Ready For The Warm Weather

You could have a new synthetic grass lawn ready in time for spring. Your yard will stand out in the neighborhood and will have your neighbors asking why and how you achieved such beautiful landscaping in San Antonio. Is it real? Is it fake? When did the sod installation occur? How did we miss it? Your friends and neighbors are going to have many questions. What you tell them is completely up to you.

Detailed Planning And Installation

Each project is different, but we maintain the best reputation in San Antonio, TX, and we plan on keeping that hard-earned reputation for many years to come. We plan each project out in advance with the homeowner, describe our prices and services in great detail and then get to work on creating a maintenance free landscape that you'll be happy with for years to come. Your new lawn is just waiting for you to get started. Enjoy the upcoming spring and summer seasons without having to pull weeds and maintain your landscaping every weekend. When those 100 degree days return, you'll be glad you did!

The Best In San Antonio

Put the hose away and create a lush green landscape in your backyard without all of the back-breaking maintenance. Our services and prices are the best in San Antonio and we always match the right type of artificial grass or artificial turf with the individual family and their wants and needs. There are dozens of choices for creating your new lawn in San Antonio. We have the experts on staff to answer your questions and ensure that you're getting the right product for you and your specific area.

Maintenance Free

There are many types of real grasses you could install in your yard, including buffalo grass, augustine grass and many others. But why get new sod when you can create a lawn that looks just as nice without all of the fertilizer, watering, mowing and constant landscaping chores?

Enjoy Your Summer!

Instead of applying fertilizer, pulling weeds and watering your lawn, you can be enjoying the season with your family members and friends. So put away the compost, the grass seed, the lawn mower and the topsoil and enjoy your free time without breaking your back in the summer heat.

Make The Right Choice!

Determine the artificial grass lawn that's best for you and then call the best in the industry today! Lush green turfgrass can be scheduled for installation today at your residential or commercial location in the San Antonio area.

It Can Be Your Secret

Your realistic looking grass lawn will look as real as if you had planted seed or painstakingly installed real grass over a number of days or weeks. Your friends and neighbors will only know it’s fake grass if you tell them.

Easy Installation

Installation of your new artificial grass lawn is easier than you think. It can be done in just a couple of days and you’ll be outside enjoying your new grass before you know it!

Nothing to Lose

Our initial consultation and quote is free so you have nothing to lose by calling and exploring your options in San Antonio.
We’re excited to speak with you and later partner with you on creating the backyard of your dreams in the San Antonio area.

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Schedule your artificial grass or artificial turf installation today and begin enjoying your new backyard paradise in just a few days time.
Faux Lawns of Texas is ready to turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise in San Antonio. Call us today and let’s schedule an initial consultation and eventual installation of your beautiful new lawn.