Artificial Turf Installation San Antonio

Installing artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, is a great decision any time of the year and the professionals at Faux Lawns of Texas are ready to handle your artificial grass lawn installation. For the most expert service at the best prices in San Antonio, call Faux Lawns of Texas to get started on the artificial turf or artificial grass lawn of your dreams!

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Upgrading Made Easy!

Replacing your natural grass lawn with an artificial lawn is easier than you might think and can usually be done in just a couple of days.

Improvements in synthetic grass and synthetic turf over the last decade or so have really changed the playing field and given homeowners many more choices when it comes to upgrading their backyard to a synthetic lawn that features incredibly low maintenance.
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No More Harmful Pesticides or Fertilizers

Imagine having a quality landscape free of weeds and fertilizers, a synthetic lawn that looks like the real thing but without having to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals to keep it looking nice and fresh.

No More Watering

Artificial turf and artificial grass require no mowing or watering and can be custom designed for many homeowners in southern Texas and beyond.
The team of real turf specialists at Faux Lawns of Texas is highly trained and has years of experience in creating lush landscapes throughout the San Antonio region.

Free Estimate Artificial Turf Project

If installation of a lush artificial grass lawn or synthetic turf is something that’s always interested you, call today for your free quote and let our team of project specialists get to work on creating the artificial grass or turf paradise in your residential backyard or business location in San Antonio, Texas.

Maintenance Free

You'll be conserving water and will never have to worry about re seeding or other time consuming maintenance chores. Upkeep typically takes several hours a week to maintain a beautiful lawn in San Antonio, but not with an artificial grass or synthetic turf lawn installed by Faux Lawns of Texas.

Wide Range of Products

Our growing inventory of artificial grass products is great news for the consumer. So whether you desire fake grass, golf grass, a unique synthetic turf design, golf greens or any other amazing turf or grass in San Antonio, our landscape specialists are ready to take your call and discuss installation options with you.

Replace Your Grass Or Turf Today

Save money and time today by replacing your real grass or real turf with amazing turf and grass options from Faux Lawns of Texas. You could have a new synthetic grass or real turf lawn in short order at your residential or commercial properties. No one will even know it's a fake lawn unless you tell them.

Improve Your Golf Game

Would you like a couple of artificial grass putting greens in your backyard? Our realistic putting green turf offering true ball roll can help you to improve your golf game without ever leaving your home or commercial location. Real turf has never been more realistic and it remains that way even in areas of heavy foot traffic.

No More Water Restrictions

Our quality greens at your residential home in San Antonio will also allow you to spend more quality time with your friends and family members. And you know those water restrictions that sometimes come into play in San Antonio? No need to worry about those if you have quality synthetic turf instead of natural grass in your yard.

Best in the Industry

Install artificial turf today in San Antonio, TX. Our synthetic grass products are the best in the industry and our San Antonio specialists are waiting to assist you today with creating the artificial grass or turf landscape project of your dreams. Lawn care has never been easier than it is right now. You just need to take the first step and before you know it, you'll have no more mowing to worry about and you can enjoy your synthetic grass in San Antonio.

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We can’t wait to speak with you and discuss how installing fake grass or turf in San Antonio can help you both in the short term and the long term. It’s never been easier to install artificial grass or turf than it is right now!
Take the first step today and call for more information on the landscape project of your dreams in San Antonio.

Dog Friendly‚Äč

Oh, and let’s not forget the four-legged members of the family. Synthetic grass products at Faux Lawns of Texas are also pet friendly, with dog owners throughout San Antonio, Texas, raving about how easy it is to clean up after their dogs when using synthetic grass.

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More Information is Available

All you need to do is call today for a free quote and consultation. There’s no obligation, but there’s plenty of artificial grass and turf options to discuss as you do your due diligence and gather information for the home or business landscape you’ve always wanted in San Antonio.