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Largely due to the mild climate enjoyed in southern Texas, as well as in neighboring southern states, synthetic grass has become much more popular in recent years. And that trend is expected to continue as more homeowners throughout the Lone Star State realize the many advantages of installing artificial grass on their properties.

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Perfect for South Texas

In cities like San Antonio, Houston and Austin, artificial grass products are being installed in record numbers. While natural grass still remains the dominant form of lawn in San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas, the benefits of installing an artificial lawn are causing a significant rise in market share for these types of artificial grass products.
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Benefits of Artificial Grass

A lush artificial grass lawn is more possible than it’s ever been in San Antonio, TX, due to the advent of synthetic grass. Featuring benefits like incredibly low maintenance, kindness to the environment and being child and pet safe, artificial grass and artificial turf have been catching the eye of Texas homeowners for many years running.

Years of Enjoyment

A professional artificial grass lawn installation in San Antonio, TX, will pay dividends for decades and has many advantages over a natural grass lawn, particularly the fact that you can largely install it and enjoy it without having to worry about constant maintenance and upkeep.

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Turf for Sports

Whether for residential landscaping purposes, or even artificial turf in San Antonio that's meant more for high traffic and sporting type endeavors like golf, tennis or pickle ball, artificial grass in San Antonio can provide you with a synthetic lawn that will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

While artificial grass is largely the favorite of residential homeowners in San Antonio, TX, artificial turf has many advantages, such as the ones mentioned above. Imagine yourself outside practicing your golf game on your own artificial grass putting greens or on realistic putting green turf right in your own backyard.

Unique Designs

Featuring a unique synthetic turf design, you can install synthetic grass, often called golf grass by folks in the industry, to create your own golf greens on some of the most amazing turf available on the market today.

Backyard Putting Greens

This ideal turf for golf greens is now a favorite of San Antonio residents who like to get out and enjoy a day on the links during the region’s warm weather season, which is actually most of the year in San Antonio, TX.
This synthetic turf, offering true ball roll, features a soft surface and is much better than real grass for practicing your favorite pastime in San Antonio, TX.
Artificial turf has a number of great uses and benefits, with golf grass and the ability to improve your game in your own backyard in San Antonio, TX, certainly being one of them.
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fake-grass for artificial landscaping.

Creating Artificial Landscaping

But while this is extremely beneficial for Texas golfers, and there are certainly a lot of them, artificial grass has much more widespread benefits when it comes to creating an artificial lawn that any homeowner in San Antonio can be proud of.
If creating beautiful landscaping without all of the upkeep typically associated with doing so appeals to you, synthetic grass is definitely something that should be on your RADAR. Natural grass can be beautiful and eye-catching, but it also requires a good deal of time and money to keep it looking its best.

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Maintenance Free

With artificial grass, you can get that beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of without all of the time consuming maintenance associated with it. And it will definitely save you money in the long term.

No More Mowing!

No more cutting the grass, no more pesticides, fertilizers or harmful chemicals, no more paying for landscaping services or constant watering. Artificial grass gives you the landscaping you’ve always dreamed about, without all of the hard work and hassle.

Professional Installation

Let a team of professional installers from Faux Lawns of Texas give you a free quote and more information on what the job of installing an artificial lawn at your house would entail. Our company is one of the most experienced and trusted in San Antonio and we can devise an installation that will turn your house or business into the envy of the neighborhood.

Customer Service Teams Standing By

There are a handful of businesses that do these types of custom designed installations in the San Antonio area, but our team at Faux Lawns of Texas is the best and most experienced. Contact our customer service team today and see what our Texas company can do for you, whether for a residential or a commercial installation.

One of the Best Lawns in Texas

Our artificial grass is second to none in San Antonio, TX. When we’re finished, your Texas yard will be one of the finest residential lawns in southern Texas.

Amazing Turf Products

When it comes to artificial grass, synthetic grass and synthetic turf in San Antonio, we’ll give you the amazing job and the ideal turf that you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

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Our business is making your home or business shine, at least on the outside. We know you’ll be extremely happy with your project upon completion and we stand behind our landscaping job or jobs each and every time!

Concerns Addressed

If your main concern is foot traffic, we’ve got you covered! 

If you’re most interested in conserving water, our products are ideal. If you’re worried about finding a professional installation for your home or business, our lawn and turf specialists will complete your lawn project to your satisfaction each and every time.

And remember, artificial grass, artificial turf and synthetic turf have many advantages over natural grass. Landscape your lawn with any of these products and you won’t need to worry about watering, mowing, applying pesticides and other harmful chemicals or spending a huge amount of time on landscaping efforts like you would with your grass lawn.

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Many homeowners in greater San Antonio have already discovered the benefits of artificial grass. So why not give Faux Lawns of Texas a call today and let us discuss the ideal turf for you and your unique situation?
Whether it’s for a residential space or a commercial location, we have amazing turf products that will likely be a perfect fit for you, regardless of things like foot traffic, re seeding efforts or many other concerns you may have.
fake-grass for artificial landscaping.

Top Quality Landscaping

Your landscaping will never look better and people will probably only know it’s artificial grass if you actually tell them. Your grass landscape will be top quality and you can spend the time you would normally spend mowing and watering on other efforts or spending more time with your family.

Pet Friendly

And don’t forget the dogs in the family. Artificial grass and artificial turf is pet friendly, meaning your dogs can do their business with the cleanup being as easy as it can be. Urine runs right through the synthetic grass and fecal matter is easily cleaned up, unlike on a natural grass lawn where it can become a bit more of a burden.

dog friendly turf

The Perfect Choice

Synthetic grass, artificial turf and synthetic turf all make for great options at your home or business in southern Texas. So if you want the ideal turf without all of the typical lawn care, artificial grass could be the perfect solution for you.

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Many homeowners in greater San Antonio have already discovered the benefits of artificial grass. So why not give Faux Lawns of Texas a call today and let us discuss the ideal turf for you and your unique situation?

Whether it’s for a residential space or a commercial location, we have amazing turf products that will likely be a perfect fit for you, regardless of things like foot traffic, re seeding efforts or many other concerns you may have.

The Best in San Antonio!

Our turf and landscape installations are professional and thorough. From turf putting greens to completing landscape projects, our installation team is the best in San Antonio.

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