Artificial Grass San Antonio

Installing artificial grass has never been easier in San Antonio and in other cities and towns around southern Texas. With the continued improvements in relevant technology and a mild climate, San Antonio, TX, is a perfect spot to install a lush artificial grass lawn or synthetic lawn.

A natural grass lawn can be a Godsend, but it’s also a whole lot of work. Regardless of what type of synthetic grass you install in San Antonio, TX, it’s going to look great and be a lot less work than the alternative.

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Artificial Grass And Turf Products

And that’s where Faux Lawns of Texas comes in! Our artificial turf and synthetic grass products are the best in San Antonio. We’re busy installing artificial turf and artificial grass weekly and we’d love to show you what we can do at your San Antonio home or business.
Artificial grass products feature incredibly low maintenance, while achieving a beautiful lawn that will definitely turn some heads and get you noticed.

The ideal turf will not be the same for everyone but fake grass, including golf grass and other grass products, are much more plentiful than they were even just a few years ago. So if you want to install synthetic grass in San Antonio, TX, there’s certainly a synthetic lawn or synthetic turf product that is right for you.

Artificial Grass San Antonio

Putting Green Turf

Some homeowners simply want a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Others enjoy having realistic putting green turf in their backyard to practice their favorite hobby anytime they like.
But whether it’s for artificial grass putting greens or for any other reason, artificial turf and artificial grass are great choices in a moderate climate like that enjoyed in San Antonio, Houston and other cities in southern Texas.

Artificial Grass Installation

An artificial grass lawn installation by Faux Lawns of Texas is expertly overseen by our highly trained team of artificial grass and artificial turf specialists in San Antonio. When you’re ready to make the move from natural grass to synthetic turf, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your new lawn care needs.
Our products are custom designed for each specific job. There are many San Antonio residents who are making the move to synthetic grass or turf and the perfect solution for each lawn and situation is different in each case.
artificial grass installation project san antonio

Natural Grass Replacement

If you're tired of the time-consuming maintenance and constant mowing, call us today for more information on how a properly installed synthetic grass or synthetic turf lawn in San Antonio can replace your natural grass lawn at your residential or commercial location.

Residential Landscape Projects

Owning Artificial grass in San Antonio has many benefits to many homeowners, as does artificial turf. But they are different products with different purposes and uses. From residential landscape projects to the installation of things like putting greens that will help to improve your golf game, artificial turf and grass projects have many positive benefits and uses.

Eliminate Use Of Harmful Chemicals

For example, there are many residential pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can leak into the soil and underground aquifers during rain storms and/or while watering lush grass and landscape elements in south Texas and around the country and world.

Environmental Concerns

Installation of artificial grass or artificial turf in your yard and/or at your business can help to alleviate some of these environmental concerns. The climate in south Texas provides the perfect location for artificial landscape projects and lush turf and grass.

Industry Leaders

Faux Lawns of Texas features turf and grass products that are industry leaders in the world of artificial landscaping products. Replace the real thing in your yard with something that's just as appealing to the eye but doesn't need constant watering and more mowing and re seeding than you're ready to commit to.

Cut Down On Lawn Maintenance And Upkeep

Upkeep typically involves several hours a week during most of the year in San Antonio and surrounding municipalities, but the industry leader in artificial landscaping can help you cut that down to practically zero. And you'll be conserving water and spending more time with your family and friends in the process.

Artificial Grass Installation Free Consultation

The final price of a new artificial lawn or artificial turf project can’t be determined without having an expert come out to your property to give you a free quote relevant to your specific wants and needs. But if you want someone to do an amazing job on your new lawn, Faux Lawns of Texas is the right choice for all San Antonio homeowners.
Our unique synthetic turf design is perfect for backyard golf greens, areas of high foot traffic and anywhere you need a soft surface where real grass either currently is or used to be.

The ideal turf for you and your home or business is just waiting for you to pick up the phone and get the ball rolling on your new landscape paradise in San Antonio.

High Foot Traffic Areas

Artificial turf products offering true ball roll are also available for homeowners who want to turn at least a portion of their yards into areas to practice their golf games. And with artificial greens and other areas that experience unusually heavy foot traffic, you’ll want a turf that is strong, durable and reasonably priced.

Extremely Realistic

Many artificial grass and turf products are so realistic you’ll swear you’re actually walking on the real thing. And with expert and timely installation during most of the year, your new landscape project can be complete and ready to use before you know it.

Free Initial Consultation

We can get started on your synthetic turf or synthetic grass project in San Antonio soon, but you have to take the first step by calling Faux Lawns of Texas today and arranging for your free initial consultation and quote. Do it today so we can get started on your new lawn!

Once we’ve completed the early stages and you’re ready to proceed with the installation of your new lawn, we’ll include you on the schedule and get ready to turn your residential property into the envy of the neighborhood.

Your family, your friends, even your dogs, will be happy you made the leap and installed your artificial grass lawn today in San Antonio.

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To get started, contact our artificial grass installation San Antonio team today and we’ll arrange for an on-site consultation and a quote for getting your new artificial grass or turf lawn installed as quickly as possible.

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