Artificial Grass Vs. Turf

Artificial Grass San Antonio

For decades, artificial turf and artificial grass are terms that have been largely interchangeable. And while there are many similarities between the two, there are also a whole host of differences that set them apart from each other.


Though they would appear to be synonyms, the two terms actually refer to different types of synthetic grass. In the most simple of terms, artificial grass is actually meant to mimic landscaping and is generally much longer than artificial turf.


The latter is actually designed with sporting events in mind and is known for its durability and longevity.


We’ll begin there and go over some of the most common uses, and differences, between artificial turf and artificial grass.



Artificial Turf


As it’s designed for sports and for the weight and speed of the athletes who play those sports, turf grass is well known for its toughness. It has to withstand a lot of wear and tear and years of rough treatment.


It varies from artificial grass largely due to this fact, while also being much shorter than its more residential counterpart. 

But this isn’t to say that artificial turf doesn’t have a place at your home or place of business.


A few examples that homeowners could logically use artificial turf for include backyard putting greens, or maybe even tennis or pickleball courts. You might even want to consider artificial turf as the foundation for a nice little play area for your children.


In short, artificial turf does have a lot of great uses. But these can largely be found in the world of athletics or for very specific uses in residential backyard settings. It well recommended to find the best artificial turf installation specialists for you to have a well groomed grass all year long!  



Artificial Grass


We’ll move on now to artificial grass, which is what you’ll see at homes throughout southern Texas and in other areas of the country that are known for milder climates.


While fake grass is tough and durable, as is artificial turf, this type of synthetic lawn is designed to be visually appealing and to be used in residential settings.


If you want a beautiful lawn 365 days a year, then artificial grass is a fantastic option. Just be sure to have it professionally installed by so you get the most out of the product and you won’t have any drainage or other problems moving forward.


There are a few different types of artificial grass so you’ll want to do your homework deciding on which type is best for you and your family. For instance, you’ll want to choose a type that is good for backyard play areas if you have young children in the home.


There are also other types that are designed with pets in mind. But regardless of which type of artificial grass you choose, it’s going to give you a nice maintenance-free backyard and be extremely aesthetically appealing.





While we’ve touched on some of the differences between artificial turf and artificial grass, there are also a number of similarities.

For example:


  • Both are largely maintenance free and require no water or fertilizers.
  • Both will save you money in the long term.
  • Both mean no harmful residues from chemicals.
  • Both feature no pollen or built-in toxins.


Both products provide a good number of benefits, as long as you choose the right one for your specific purpose.

Check them out today and take the next step to the lawn of your dreams!


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